Marketing and Candidate Sourcing

  • Several information-gathering meetings with the management team to discuss the details of the search are part of our recruitment procedure. Reviewing the job description, determining the level of salary, and determining how to promote your company in the best possible light to candidates are all part of this process.
  • Advertisement, examining internal and external databases, social media, and professional associations are all good places to look for potential applicants.

Candidate Screening

  • Conduct a preliminary phone interview with potential candidates.
  • Give the candidate detailed information about the company and the job, as well as in-depth information about the organization's culture.
  • To see if the candidate is a good fit, look at their experience, career ambitions, and interests.
  • Assess the candidate's level of enthusiasm.
  • For your review, send a qualifying candidate's resume/CV along with a summary of our notes.
  • Prepare the candidate for the initial interview with a representative from the hiring company.

Prior to the Candidate departure

  • Discuss with candidate the cost of living differences between their home town and job location.
  • Our goals and procedures are designed to ensure that every candidate that visits your company is treated professionally .A successful hire requires consistent, step-by-step communication throughout the interview process. It's referred to as "candidate care."

Follow Up

  • Our assistance and facilitation continue after the successful candidate has been hired. We'll check up with both the placed candidate and the appropriate department member on a regular basis to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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