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Yes. Many foreign companies and businesses around the world choose us as their preferred supplier. Despite the fact that we are a Ghanaian company, we have employees all over the world. Our staff is multi-national, and the most of us have lived and worked overseas, so we are aware of cultural variations when it comes to recruiting talent for Firm.

Working with a staffing agency reduces risk while filling labor gaps so that a firm can fulfill demand for its product or service. We supply trustworthy personnel from Africa and Asia to our clients. To guarantee that we place the finest individuals for each vacant position, we recruit and evaluate each application, including conducting e-verify and background checks. We are Ghana's best-kept economic secret, and we provide two service types to our clients.

We provide manpower and staffing services to companies across many industries including, but not limited to: Light Industrial, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction and Information Technology. Feel free to contact us about your specific industry, and we’ll be happy to determine whether or not we can meet your needs.

Placing permanent talent with your firm is the greatest position for everyone concerned. You'll never be able to say goodbye to them!

To upload your employment role, simply send an email to vacancies@sanisarecuitment.com or go to our I’m ready to hire page. Sanisa Recruitment will contact you to gather additional information so that we can locate the best individuals for the job role you're looking to fill.

The level of service we provide to candidates and clients is something we take pleasure in. We'd want to hear from you if you're not happy with the level of service you've received from us. All concerns are treated seriously, and we value feedback since it allows us to improve our service. If you would like to make a formal written complaint, you can contact our managing director, via email: louisa@sanisarecruitment.com

At Sanisa Recruitment Agency, we are ardent supporters of diversity and inclusion. We are committed to recruiting people of all races, sexes, ages, disabilities, and other characteristics. We are enthusiastic about providing people with opportunities in life that they may not have had previously. We would expect our clients to follow the same inclusive policy.

This varies according to the seniority of each vacancy. We will be able to discuss this with you during our chat, and send you a proposal.

Once you have submitted your role, Sanisa Recruitment scours its database of potential candidates and our specific networks in the labor market sector to find the perfect candidate that would suit your needs. We will then send you their CV for your consideration and schedule an interview with the candidate. We do a lot more than simply advertise the role for you. We believe that passive (non-active) candidates are often the strongest. Using our skills & connections, we promote the position & your company.

Although we primarily recruit through personal networks and a database of vetted people interested in overseas careers, we do advertise certain positions on a variety of platforms

Sanisa Recruitment is able to conduct reference checks on the successful candidate after an offer of employment has been made. Most businesses, on the other hand, prefer to collect their own references.

Although the majority of our vacancies are permanent, we can fill contract positions as well.

Hire Reliable Foreign Workers

Sanisa is prepared to provide your company with

dependable foreign workers. So if you are an Employer

and need to Hire Foreign Workers (permanent, temporary

employee, live-in caregivers) call today at +32472586952 or
submit a request via our contact form and we'll find the
best candidates for the job.

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